Fuming Trump finds fresh target in US Postal Service on Twitter

Fuming Trump finds fresh target in US Postal Service on Twitter

President Trump, sequestered away at his Florida resort for the holidays, fumed on Friday morning — lashing out at the Post Office.

The President’s latest Twitter tantrum included a new target as he ranted about the United States Postal Service, chastising the agency for failing to deliver Christmas cards and packages on time, if at all.

“Why is the United States Post Office, which is losing many billions of dollars a year, able to get away with losing millions of cards and packages? You know how many Christmas cards I got this year?  Two!  One from Melania’s housekeeper in New York and one from that kiss-ass Paul Ryan.  Should have been MUCH MORE!” he wrote


A second tweet read “There are 330 million people, I should have gotten at least 100 million, because a third of the people like me.  And more presents, not like the box of horse crap, which I assume was supposed to go to (Secretary of the Treasury Steve) Mnuchin.”

Santa Claus also failed to deliver satisfactorily to the Presidential residence at the White House, prompting Trump to call for an investigation of Santa Claus by Attorney General Jeff Sessions “who will get to the bottom of this, if he knows what’s good for him” Trump added.